Televix Entertainment Named Licensing Agent for the new BEYBLADE BURST series for Latin America

Beverly Hills, CA (May 9, 2016) – Sunrights, Inc. has appointed Televix Entertainment the licensing and TV agent for the new generation of BEYBLADE known as BEYBLADE BURST in Latin America. The distribution of broadcast, merchandising and promotional rights for BEYBLADE BURST outside of Asia is managed by Sunrights, Inc., the western based entertainment subsidiary of d-rights, Inc.


Sunrights, Inc. is in active discussions with broadcast partners for the “BEYBLADE BURST” animated series slated to premiere in the U.S. and Canada later this year followed by other territories in 2017. Hasbro is the master toy licensee for the Western markets and will launch a BEYBLADE BURST toy line later this year in North America followed by a broader launch in 2017 for international markets. The new toys feature a dynamic “burst” component, bringing more excitement to the successful battling play pattern.


The new BEYBLADE BURST animated series started airing in Japan in April 2016. The series is completely reimagined by production company OLM, with all new characters, stories and dramatic battles.


Televix will start marketing the series at the upcoming Los Angeles Screenings trade show taking place on May 16th – 19th at Suite 634 of the Intercontinental Hotel.


The BEYBLADE brand was created by Tomy Company, Ltd. as a modern battling top system inspired by traditional Japanese battling tops called “Bei-Goma”. BEYBLADE launched in 1999 and became a global phenomenon with two full generations to date, including seven series, two movies, and three spin off series. The brand has been a massive hit with broadcasters and retailers in over 80 countries.


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